Monthly Archives: May 2013 Finding A Webhost That Takes Care Of You

When considering a webhost, Bandwidth and uptime are two important considerations like this shows.. Bandwidth is the amount of data that your website visitors can use in a certain period of maybe a month.  There are those hosting companies that will charge you for any extra amount your visitors use and then there are those that will offer you unlimited bandwidth for the same price. Keep in mind that if your site contains more images and videos than plain text, that your visitors will eat up more of your bandwidth in a short time. It is a no brainer then which company you should go for. You want a webhost that offers you unlimited bandwidth and that all the visitors to your site can be supported.

What is webhost uptime?

Uptime is the total amount of time that the webhost server has been functioning without a hitch. It is measured in percentages. The higher the percentage is, the better the uptime.  In your research of web hosting companies, you may have noticed that all the companies advertise very high percentages of 99.9% and above. So why are they not advertising 100% uptime? Because it is inevitable that all servers will malfunction one time or another and although you may want a server that is up all the time, this is just not possible. Even a webhost that advertises an uptime of 99.999% means that their server will be down close to 10 hours every year.

Each time the webhost server is down means that your website is down and you will therefore lose business. Therefore, a good web host is one that will compensate you well for the time your website is down regardless of their advertised uptime. iPage is a host that takes your business very seriously and will compensate you well every time your website is down. If you are looking for a webhost that puts your affairs first and takes care of your business, then choose iPage.